Lytico-Bodig In The New Yorker

I’ve been getting a lot of hits the past few days on lytico-bodig, probably because of the New Yorker story, the Tangle by Jonathan Weiner. Sorry, this isn’t the place. I haven’t read it either, because it is not online and current issues of any magazine take about a month to get to Guam. It look interesting though, I’ll certainly read it when I get a chance. I’ve heard this theory before, and how the toxins build up in fruit bats. My only problem is that cycads are not really something a fruit bat would eat. Papaya, mango, star apple certainly are part of a fruit bat’s diet, but a hard little nut, deep in the center of prickly cycad? Maybe a desperate fanihi

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  1. Merm

    Speaking of ALS diseases, did they ever find out what kind of disease killed Angel Santos? When I was there last, all I heard was rumors. I just wondered why an autopsy was never done. It made me wonder about the true cause of his death.

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