Gas Hits Over $2.70 a gallon

Boy, I take one day off and while I’m not looking gas prices surge past $2.70 a gallon on Guam. Crikey. Time to start riding the bus to work.

You know what ticks me off? This whole nonsense about gas prices. The price for a gallon of regular unleaded is now $2.7099/100 – what the hell is this 99 mils crap? It’s always been like this – ‘Uh, we’re just gonna tack on another penny to gasoline prices, but advertise it really, really small so nobody actually notices.’ So the paper is stuck on saying gas prices are now $2.70 a gallon, when anyone with a fucking brain knows it’s really $2.71 a gallon but for that one hundreth of a penny.

Makes me all warm and fuzzy knowing oil companies are recording record profits and don’t know what to do with all that money.

1 thought on “Gas Hits Over $2.70 a gallon

  1. Anonymous

    rant on tomas, give the hell. write a letter to the Pretty Damn Nonsignificant to express yourself, and a letter each, to the big oil companies…or should you just addess it to bush and friends…?

    go neo-liberal capitalism.. fuck the small people over a dime, so that you can eat caviar every morning for breakfast.. whoohooo….

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