Dr. Speedo Will See You Now

Much like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blithe comments about gang bangs and drug use during his muscle man heyday haunting his gubernatorial bid in California, Senator Jesse Lujan is going into damage control mode over muscle magazine interviews that portray the Republican senator as a thoracic surgeon. The magazine articles describing the muscle bound meathead senator as a thoracic surgeon were brought up by radiologist Nathaniel Berg, who is concerned about ethical violations from a current senator oversees the hospital as vice chairman of the legislature’s health committee.

The articles in question come from twenty year old issues of Muscle Digest, where an fitness article under a picture of Senator Lujan in a Speedo was attributed to “Jesse Lujan, M.D.” and dispensed fitness information in answer to reader’s questions. The PDN article includes several quotes from their newspaper archives in which Lujan was described as a physician, including quotes attributed to Lujan that sound like he’s describing himself as a physician. Check it out:

A decade prior to becoming a Guam senator, Jesse Lujan was featured in two different publications and was referred to as a thoracic surgeon.

  • Pacific Daily News, Nov. 11, 1983: “In addition to his obvious talents, Lujan, or Dr. Lujan as he is known to his patients, is a thoracic surgeon and also writes regularly for ‘Muscle Digest.'”
  • Pacific Daily News, Feb. 22, 1984: “When he’s not body-building, the former Tamuning resident and 1973 John F. Kennedy High School grad is a thoracic physician in a San Diego clinic. In his profession, he is constantly being quizzed by his patients about different types of therapy for the sports-minded. ‘They mistake me as a sports specialist,’ he said. ‘I wish I would have gotten into sports medicine.'”
  • Muscle Digest, August 1983: “‘I’ve always wanted to be a physician for as long as I could remember. When I was growing up in Guam a neighbor of ours was a general surgeon and his influence on me during my formative days made me realize that being a doctor was the only thing that I could be when I grew up.’ That was the beginning of the growth of young Jesse Lujan, a future physician.”

    “He completed his undergraduate work in fine fashion and was accepted to medical school at the same institution. Those four years passed very fast and before long he was into his internship and later finished his residency in thoracic surgery.”
    –Pacific Daily News archives

Senator Lujan professed his innocence yesterday, claiming this was the first he’s heard of this interview. Who knows? I know somebody who edits a magazine and regularly attributed ‘reader letters’ to various acquaintances we knew from college. So perhaps Lujan is correct. But it sure shows how something can come back and bite you in the ass once your in public office. So I guess I better not say anything about my Nobel Prize in chemistry, nor that stint I did as an astronaut back in the early nineties.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Speedo Will See You Now

  1. Thomas

    Now did you see him in those Speedos? Man, that’s the second grossest thing I’ve encountered in a long time.

  2. Anonymous

    oh yeah, would you believe me if i told you i’ve seen photographs of MONTVEL and “dr.” jesse together, wearing speedos (well, shirtless) and snorting coke in Luis’ VIP lounge in tamuning, back in 1984? you know, back in the day when MONTVEL was part of the guam all-male revue… isn’t too hard to believe the truth of the “muscle digest” now is it?? phucknuts, all of them… i mean, boff uff dem.

    and don’t get me started….

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