4 thoughts on “TV Turnoff

  1. Anonymous

    you have a good point there, merm. i’m going to make a conscious effort to gauge how much time i spend on my morning computer-time routine over one week period. perhaps, i should leave this computer-time to once a week only. it seems we are all so ever-dependent on internet technology. i don’t do TV, but i do the internet to stay on top of world info and friends. i wonder if i’ll have withdrawals if i refrain from this activity for one week…


  2. Anonymous


    so what’s the word on that Max Havoc film that shot on Guam a year ago?

    Weren’t they suppose to have a premier there on the island?

    Have you seen it?

  3. Merm

    You’re not alone, Wes. My husband complains about the time I spend online. Of course, this is only payback for the many years he ignored me for the TV. But I think we could both use a break. I might bring the subject up with him, and see what he thinks. I think we’d sure get a lot of stuff done around the house. But I definitely would miss my Internet time.

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