Daily Archives: 04/20/2005

The China Syndrome

I know I’ve mentioned nuclear power before: James Lovelock’s plea to adopt nuclear power to limit the effect of global warming, that Alaskan village looking at instaling a reactor instead of continuing with exorbitant diesel fueled generators, and research into pebble bed nuclear reactors. Well here’s an article from Wired about the current demand for nuclear power, and it is coming from China.

China’s booming economy requires more power, and plans are currently underway to build a vast array of nuclear reactors by 2020 in the Middle Kingdom. And one of the main thrusts of research is the pebble bed reactor. It sounds like a viable idea, capable of producing hundreds of megawatts safely, and affordably. I wonder if a nuclear reactor lies in Guam’s future? It would certainly offer that possibility of cheap electricity for the island’s population.