Daily Archives: 04/29/2005

Big Winner

Well hot damn! The fundraising for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is in full swing at the office. I’ve bought a king’s ransom of raffle tickets, lunch plates, fruit cups, fundraiser tickets for the last month.

Sanyo SPC-8100Today it paid off in spades. Check out my brand new cell phone baby! Bought a ticket just after lunch, and a couple hours later I got the call to come pick it up. Oh yeah, a brand new Sanyo SPC-8100 camera-phone, ready and waiting. Stopped off at IT&E on the way home, plopped down some cash for a prepaid wireless card, and I got a new phone, sucka’s.

So expect a flurry of blurry, drunken pictures in the next few weeks as I take my new toy out on the town and get silly with it. Maybe I’ll start photographing random slappings. I’m looking for any volunteers… Wes, I’m thinking of you. How about a trip back to Guam for a little slap dash fun?

This phone was a fortuitous windfall. My current phone sucks and I’ve never been happy with it. I was thinking of dropping it in a few months, once GTA goes with GSM phones and all that crap, but I’m willing to use IT&E instead. Hell, this is a cool little phone, and I’m looking forward to playing around with it. I know some people loathe cellular phones (CC? Any takers?) but I think they have their uses. I know several people that don’t even bother with land lines anymore, they just have a cell phone with a bajillion minutes. Makes perfect sense to me. My land line keeps giving me troubles, I think it’s because somebody drove into the pedestal on our street a couple months ago.

Anyway, you want my new number, email me and I’ll send it along. The old phone is going to get disconnected on Monday, so just toss the old 482 number. Tommy’s stepping into the next millennium with this phone.