Daily Archives: 05/02/2005

Anatahan Blows Again

Anatahan erupted again this weekend, spewing ash and steam over 10,000 feet and creating a noisome ‘vog’ that extended hundreds of miles to the south-southwest. I could tell immediately this morning that the volcano had erupted again. When I stepped outside my air conditioned home, the air was acrid and made my eyes water. It smells nasty outside.

The Saipan Tribune also notes the USGS concern about the lack of monitoring equipment on several volcanic islands in the Marianas. Anatahan, Pagan, Alamagan and Agrigan are all dangerous volcanoes that pose a threat to aviation and oceanic vessels. The USGS recommends a network of twenty monitoring stations around each volcano. In addition Asuncion, Farallon de Pajaros, Guguan and Sarigan are classified as moderate threats, requiring a system of three or four stations situated around those volcanoes. Maybe Paul Zerzan is right.