iMac G5: Up In Smoke

It’s time for me to come clean. I’ve kept a dirty little secret for a month now, and I can’t bottle it up any more. My precious, nearly brand new iMac G5 is non-functional. It’s been down nearly three weeks now while I struggle to get the correct part shipped out to me here on Guam.

What’s the matter you ask? Same thing that’s bugging Matt Neuburg in his TidBITS article, iMac G5: Up In Smoke. About three weeks ago I was watching a QuickTime video when the iMac just popped off. No warning and no resurrection. It was dead. Thankfully the iBook has been a trooper, rising to the occasion marvelously. A trip to Apple’s support pages brought me into a chat session with a guy named Amir, who was not exactly helpful. His suggestion after 45 minutes of chatting was that I call the tech support number and get my computer into an Apple service center.

So I dutifully called. And waited. And waited. And waited. Not exactly stellar service with those phone calls Apple. I bided my time by flipping through the Apple support forums, where I found numerous people having the exact same problem I had. Some blamed the midplane, some blamed the power supply. But I never got through to a person at Apple, after four tries I just gave up. Nobody seemed to answer the phone, and I couldn’t sit there on hold all day. I have to work after all.

Then I read Matt’s article, and the associated thread from TidBITs talk. I didn’t have to suffer in Voicemail Hell, I could actually order up the replacement part from Apple’s website. This works for me. Guam is a little off the beaten path for an Apple Service Center, so I decided a do-it-yourself repair was the best option. So Friday morning I dutifully worked through the online diagnosis center and ordered up a replacement power supply. It still hasn’t arrived, much to my disappointment. I’m hoping it comes tomorrow, or else I better tackle that hellish phone support again. And that would suck.

So the Apple of my digital eye, the iMac G5, is down and out folks. I am not happy about this, and my service experience has been subpar so far. I’ll keep y’all informed as this develops.