Daily Archives: 05/04/2005

Belated Headlines

Oops, I forgot to mention a couple headlines that happened last week on Guam:

  • Jury convicts Gil Shinohara on two of ten corruption charges – Yes, some charges finally stuck to Gil Shinohara. He was found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and conspiracy to launder money. These charges were related to the Pedro’s Plaza purchase that featured in his last criminal trial. The charges were not related to any government malfeasance on his part, merely this private scheme to bilk the Bank of Guam.
  • Governor creates Guam Museum task force – More words, or an actual step in the right direction? Governor Camacho created a task force of community notables to look into the mess at the museum, identify possible sites for a new museum, locate funding for the museum, and commission plans for a new museum. Will anything come of this? Who knows, sounds like smoke and mirrors to me. In the meantime, the artifacts currently boxed up in a moldering barracks at Tiyan are slated to be moved to a climate controlled, private warehouse, though there was no word on how funding for this move was appropriated.
  • Anatahan continues to erupt; military decides to bomb island – Yep. You heard that right. While volcanic activity continues to increase on Anatahan, the U.S. Navy just completed the process to lease both Anatahan and Sarigan from the CNMI to expand their live fire range in the Northern CNMI. Most communities fight for years to get the Navy to stop dropping bombs on their islands, which has left Farallon de Mendinilla, just north of Saipan, as the only live fire range in the Western Pacific.