Daily Archives: 05/06/2005

It’s Friday, I Must Be In Tokyo

And here I sit at Narita Airport, waiting for Continental to put me on a plane in about 6 hours. Nothing like a day to kill in the airport.

I wasn’t supposed to be here. My flight was through Honolulu to Houston, but I fell victim to the ever shifting dictates of TSA, who would not let me check in for my flight an hour before takeoff. Lucky I wasn’t carrying a lighter or I might have gotten general order no. 603. Took a little coaxing and kvetching with Continental (“Uh, we’re going to put you on tomorrow’s flight” – “Uh, no, no you aren’t”), but they tossed me on a flight to Narita, continuing on to Houston later this afternoon. I will arrive in St. Louis a few hours later than originally planned. C’est la vie, at least I am traveling instead of waiting an additional day.