Beyond Red vs. Blue

I’m a sucker for online polls, and here’s a good one from the Pew Research Center. Political Typology defines the American political spectrum from right to left. Take the test, see where your political typology lies. I found this via an interesting story on NPR this morning.

Three guesses where I ended up. Doesn’t take a genius but here’s a hint: I’m squarely in the group that vehemently opposes teaching creationism in schools.

4 thoughts on “Beyond Red vs. Blue

  1. Anonymous


    what do you think is the better paper, PDN or MV?

    Is KUAM any good? They look like a bunch of schoold kids “playing” news.

    How about k-57?

    i see you have a link, i don’t know what you think about them, however

  2. Merm

    I came out as “upbeat” and when I read the description of people who are supposedly like me, I found that I was nothing like them. For one thing, I didn’t vote for Bush…

  3. Thomas

    What’s the better paper? I guess the PDN, though the Marianas Variety has more useful local and regional news than the PDN. At least the PDN employs an editor to correct grammar and spelling errors, and tighten up the language. As for their websites, PDN’s content management system sucks, and I doubt MV has any consistent CMS for their website.

    As for KUAM, you’ve got squarely pegged. Some of them are good, most are not. I don’t watch the news though, I gave up ages ago. Maybe they’re better now. The story writing hasn’t improved on their website, and those are often just transcripts of the stories that they read on air. However, kudos to Jason Salas for maintaining a solid website at KUAM. Glad to see somebody gets it on Guam.

    K-57? Sorry, I avoid talk radio like the plague it is. Only idiots with nothing better to do listen to talk radio. They could be laying out divine wisdom on K-57, but I’d never know because I don’t listen to their nonsense – ever. If I ever feel the urge to waste time over local politics, I will visit the K-57 message board. The only radio station I ever listen to is KPRG.

  4. Anonymous

    why do you think “only idiots with nothing better to do listen to talk radio?”

    just wondering.

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