Blink And You’ll Miss It

And just like that, I’m back on Guam. Two days of flying just for one party. Call me crazy.

The flight back was hectic. Not much time to spare between flights. I’d land, walk to the next flight’s gate, and that flight was boarding. So I never got a chance to eat that wonderful hoagie I bought at Schnuck’s before I left St. Louis…

There was the hottest chick I’d ever seen on my flight from St. Louis. I thought she was Naomi Campbell, or maybe Naomi Campbell’s hot, younger sister.

So trip notes:

  • The iPod is great for flights, but there isn’t enough juice in the thing to get me through a whole trip. Look for some sort of EmPower adapter for my iPod. I don’t think the iPod lasts more than four hours without a recharge. Not much help on a 13 hour flight.
  • Speaking of EmPower, next time don’t forget the laptop EmPower adapter, dummy. Then you can watch Pulp Fiction on your laptop and freak out the kid in the seat next to you.
  • That new Coke with lime is pretty tasty.
  • What’s this deal with Disney and the “Vault?” How come I couldn’t buy Fantasia on DVD? All I got was this cryptic, “It’s gone to the Vault…” from store clerks. This just takes sales away from Disney and the retail stores. Hello eBay.
  • Nothing but crappy movies on Continental this month. Though I did enjoy watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, every other movie sucked.

It was a blast to see the family again. We were sitting in Nicoletti’s restaurant, all 31 of us in a raucous, noisy mob, and my mother said “I’m responsible for all of this.” Yes, yes you are Shirley. And thank you for that.

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  1. Merm

    My gosh Thomas, that was some expensive party. (I mean what are flights from Guam to US now? About $1,500?) What was the occasion? Must have been a big one.

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