I sprained my ankle last night, and it is quite painful today. I’m sitting here with a pack of frozen peas wrapped around the ankle, hoping the swelling will subside. I took the day off of work to convalesce, guess I’ll keep it elevated and iced today.

Let me clear off a few interesting links that should keep folks occupied while I am laid up:

  • Free Pascal – hey, this was the first programming language I learned – I mean other than BASIC. Worth a look-see.
  • Planetwalker – I heard this guy’s story on NPR about a month ago. John Francis gave up riding in vehicles in 1972, and spent the next 22 years walking or riding his bike everywhere, even to South America. When he got tired of explaining and arguing about his mode of transport to people, he then abandoned speech in protest of the petroleum economy. For 17 years he communicated through sign language and his banjo, only breaking his silence on Earth Day in 1990. The very next day he was struck by a car.
  • WebElements – Here’s a pretty cool website – an online periodic table of the elements.
  • Archimedes Palimpsest Imaged – Remember that cool NOVA special about the Archimedes Palimpsest? That was the Byzantine prayer book that revealed a hidden lost text by Archimedes, overwritten and forgotten centuries ago. The last few remaining pages of the palimpsest were imaged at Stanford’s Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) using synchrotron light to excite the iron gall ink and cause it to fluoresce. Using this technique scientists were able to image several pages of the palimpsest that were completely painted over with a 20th century forgery.
  • Atlas of the Human Journey – This is another cool site I could get lost in for several hours. National Geographic developed this interactive site to trace the human diaspora from ancient Africa throughout the world, tracking the distribution of mitochondrial DNA in populations around the planet.
  • Teacher Marries Student – Remember the queer tale of Mary Kay Letourneau, the sixth grade school teacher that went to prison for having an affair with her 12 year old student? She bore him a daughter, went to prison for rape and child molestation, and the day after her suspended release was caught doing the nasty with him in a car? Then she went back to prison to serve out her full term and bore him another child? Well Letourneau and her former student, Vili Fualaau, were married this weekend in a secret ceremony outside Seattle. Seems appropriate that the couple gave exclusive rights to film the wedding to Entertainment Tonight. This stuff is supermarket tabloid gold.

4 thoughts on “Convalescence

  1. Merm

    This is the one of the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. What is it with these women who are attracted to children? Can’t she be attracted to someone her own age? Before modern history, and in some very primitive societies today, men took 12 and 13 year old wives and that was considered okay in those societies. But you didn’t hear about the reverse happening much.

    Even if this boy looked like a young man at the age of 12, this teacher knew him since he was a small child in second grade and still she became sexually attracted to him. Something is not right here. Somehow her normal maternal instinct got screwed up with her sexual.

  2. Thomas

    I twisted it hiking on Sunday. It didn’t hurt too bad at the time, but by Monday morning it was definitely screwed up – swollen, purple and painful.

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