Still Gimpy

I guess I should have stayed off my ankle longer. After two days of walking around at work, my ankle expressed vehement objections to all this mobility. I could barely walk last night, and by this morning by bad knee (the one I had ‘scoped back in 1990) was also pretty upset with me for all that funny walking and limping around. So I stayed home again today, and enjoyed a wonderful day with my left leg ensconced in bags of frozen peas.

I’ll give work another go tomorrow, but I definitely won’t be camping this weekend as I originally planned. Hiking down to Sella Bay is not an option; Hell, walking to the bathroom is a major production right now.

3 thoughts on “Still Gimpy

  1. Merm

    You just need to learn to be still, Thomas. Resting an injured body part is a legitimate reason for relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. Give yourself permission to do it. But I understand completely. I’m the same way. It’s my upbringing that says, “No slacking off allowed!” Makes me feel guilty to even be sick.

    Where do you go camping? My daughter-in-law (the one thinking of moving to Guam after we move there) asks if you can go camping on Guam. Well, most Guamanians I know don’t go camping. Why should they when they have a perfectly good air conditioned bedroom? I told her that I thought sometimes people might camp on the beach. And I know for sure that people will camp out to reserve their space along side the road for the liberation day parade. But other than that, I don’t really know…

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