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Homo Fimbresosis

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This image released by the British Museum on Thursday May 19, 2005 shows a hoax cave painting of a primitive man pushing a supermarket trolley which was on display in the British Museum in London. The work was planted by an anonymous ‘art terrorist’ called Banksy and museum staff were alerted Wednesday May 18, 2005, after he put a message on his website, saying that the 10in by 6in rock, ‘had remained in the collection for quite some time’. This is not the first time Banksy has stuck fake objects to gallery walls and waited to see how long it takes before curators notice. (AP Photo/British Museum/HO)

Speaking Of Which

I forgot to mention, due to the diligence of a faithful reader, I acquired a copy of that HBO documentary on Air America and finally saw Evan Montvel Cohen on my television with that boom mike strapped to his head. Not much more to comment on about that particular fellow and his pecadilloes. Nothing new there boys and girls, he just managed to snooker a whole new class of schmucks with a lot more money.

The Latest Furor Caused By An Idiot

I’ve tried to ignore this, but today’s front page PDN story forced my hand. People on Guam are hopping mad about this cockfighting article written by a stupid haolie at ESPN. Madeliene Bordallo is upset, Rick Nauta wrote an email, Mike Cassidy is angry. Never mind that Ray Gibson’s been hawking this story all week on K-57. Anyway, this freelance writer apparently came out to visit his sister and her husband in the Navy, and they went to a cockfight in Santa Rita. He promptly starts parroting the moronic misconceptions of the bubbleheads that never get off the base. Two recurring memes that come from this pool of idiots: People in remote villages on Guam will offer you their daughters for ‘devirginization’; and there’s only two kinds of people on Guam, the inbred idiots that were born here, and the poor suffering sailors stationed here by Uncle Sam. This article manages to reference both of these perfectly cromulent tropes. Perhaps the story was meant to be humorous, I don’t know. It certainly doesn’t endear this foolish man to the people of Guam, and I don’t think it will help ease relations between military personnel and locals.

No wonder Jesse Lujan can get away with his diatribes against ‘Statesiders,’ and finds them such a convenient political straw man. Idiots like Mike Ogle do nothing but provide cannon fodder for these attacks. Thanks dude. Y’all come back now, here?

Japanese Stragglers Found In Jungle

Holy Shades of Yokoi Batman: Two Japanese soldiers were found on the Philippine island of Mindanao, stragglers from World War II. Apparently the men, both in their 80’s, are not living in some sort of bubble. They live with Muslim separatists and probably decided to desert and stay in the jungle near General Santos for their own reasons, not some misguided patriotism. Apparently they married local women and have families.