The Latest Furor Caused By An Idiot

I’ve tried to ignore this, but today’s front page PDN story forced my hand. People on Guam are hopping mad about this cockfighting article written by a stupid haolie at ESPN. Madeliene Bordallo is upset, Rick Nauta wrote an email, Mike Cassidy is angry. Never mind that Ray Gibson’s been hawking this story all week on K-57. Anyway, this freelance writer apparently came out to visit his sister and her husband in the Navy, and they went to a cockfight in Santa Rita. He promptly starts parroting the moronic misconceptions of the bubbleheads that never get off the base. Two recurring memes that come from this pool of idiots: People in remote villages on Guam will offer you their daughters for ‘devirginization’; and there’s only two kinds of people on Guam, the inbred idiots that were born here, and the poor suffering sailors stationed here by Uncle Sam. This article manages to reference both of these perfectly cromulent tropes. Perhaps the story was meant to be humorous, I don’t know. It certainly doesn’t endear this foolish man to the people of Guam, and I don’t think it will help ease relations between military personnel and locals.

No wonder Jesse Lujan can get away with his diatribes against ‘Statesiders,’ and finds them such a convenient political straw man. Idiots like Mike Ogle do nothing but provide cannon fodder for these attacks. Thanks dude. Y’all come back now, here?

5 thoughts on “The Latest Furor Caused By An Idiot

  1. Merm

    Thanks for your comments in our defense, Thomas. I tried looking on the ESPN website to see if any of the emails sent to Mike Ogle were published. Of course, ESPN acts as if this is no concern of theirs. So life goes on for most people. But I for one am so tired of explaining to people that the island is not overrun by the brown tree snake. And that we don’t have this curious tradition of racing to get de-virginized. Where the heck did that ever come from?

    In my family and extended family the girls wouldn’t date G.I.s. We knew that if we did that, there’d be a good chance we’d be taken off the island and whisked off to someplace in the US where they don’t like “our kind” never to return to our beloved island and families.

    (Of course, this is very ironic as in my own case, I married a local man who did just that to me. But I’m getting the final say. I’m coming home.)

  2. Anonymous

    I thought you didn’t listen to K-57, that news radio was for idiots.

    Who the fuck is Ray Gibson?

    Max Havoc

  3. Jimbo

    Ray Gibson was born in 1906 in Brunn, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and now part of the Czech Republic, to a father who owned a textile factory and had a fondness for logic and reason and a mother who believed in starting her son’s education early.

    By age 10, Gibson was studying math, religion and several languages. Gibson took up karting when he was 14 and after a successful career made the decision to jump straight into Formula 3 in 1977. His success was immediate and, at the wheel of a Chevron, he won at Paul Ricard and ended the year in fourth position in the European Formula 3 Championship.

    In 1979 he moved to London and settled in part of Schomberg House in Pall Mall. Fairly soon he began to be noticed by the royal family and partly because of his informality and Tory politics was preferred by George III. In 1781 he was commissioned to paint the King and Queen.

    But Gibson is probably best known for inventing the martini with cocktail onion, which bears his name. Plus he looks really sweet in satin jackets.

  4. Anonymous

    did Mr. Gibson also write MAX HAVOC: CURSE OF THE DRAGON and it’s soon to be filmed on Guam sequel MAX HAVOC: RING OF FIRE?

    Max Havoc

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