Daily Archives: 05/30/2005

Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day today, and after five days of laying on my couch, my ankle is finally starting to feel better. At least my toes don’t feel like they’re going to pop off my foot anymore. While I continue to lay about, here’s a few more interesting links.

  • Astronaut Wants Asteroid Mission – Russell Schweickart, former NASA Apollo astronaut, is pushing for a space mission to plant a homing beacon on an errant asteroid. The 1,050 foot asteroid, 2004 MN4, was discovered in late December 2004, and the news that it will pass closer than any other asteroid to earth was quickly swamped by the Asian tsunami disaster. But it is still out there, slowly drawing a bead on our blue green world. The asteroid will skirt the earth by just 23,000 miles in 2029, less than a fourth of the distance to the moon. But Schweickart’s concern is that this close encounter will perturb the orbit of this behemoth, and possibly send the odds of a future impact in 2035 or 2036 soaring. And by then it would be too late. The impact of an asteroid that size would send enormous tsunami rushing around the earth, and release more energy than a dozen Krakatoas. Hence his proposal to plant a transponder on the rock so that further refinements can be made to it’s mass and orbit.
  • Bubble Power – I’ve mentioned it before, but here’s the real deal, straight from the horse’s mouth. The use of sound waves to induce nuclear fusion just might be a viable method of producing energy. The scientists responsible for this ‘sono-fusion’ research explain their work in a fascinating article.

Indy 500

I am certainly not much of an auto racing fan, but I was pleased to here that Newman/Haas Racing got Bruno Junqueira and his Pacificare care, into the Indy 500. Bruno’s quite the hot shot in the rival Champ Car series, winning a number of titles for our company in that car. And last year he finished in fifth place at Indy, so I had high hopes for this year. Alas, it was not to be as Danny Wheldon won the Indy 500. And Bruno?

Bruno Junqueira, who finished fifth in the rain-shortened race in 2004, ran among the leaders and was sixth when he tried to pass A.J. Foyt IV and wound up in the wall. The Brazilian driver, one of only two drivers from the rival Champ Car series in the Indy field, was taken to Methodist Hospital complaining of back pain.

Some are not so politic in meting out blame. Foyt IV has admitted responsibility for clipping Junqueira, and that site called Foyt a ‘rolling roadblock’ in the race. Junqueira was in fifth when the accident happened while Foyt was five laps behind the leaders at the time. Sound like AJ Foyt IV is a weak reproduction of his grandfather.

Oh wait, MSNBC reports that Junqueira broke two bones in his back and is to undergo surgery tomorrow. Guess that means he won’t be finishing his winning season in the Champ Car series for Newman/Haas.