Stayed tuned for some book reviews. I’ve knocked off quite a few tomes lately, and I’d like to share my thoughts on them. But not tonight…

Traffic was a mess this evening after work due to an errant power pole on Marine Drive, so I bailed from the snarl early and went to watch a movie instead at GPO. I thought I’d go see Crash, that movie which just came out a couple weeks ago with what looked like a talented cast, but it was gone from the megaplex to make way for the summer blockbuster craporama. So I watched Star Wars III again, this time from a real seat that wouldn’t give me a kink in the neck.

And on second viewing the dialogue is just as bad. Boy, those star-crossed lovers Anakin and Padme – they got all the charisma of a couple doorknobs rubbing together. Jimmy Smits seems embarrassed to be on the screen and why does that robot have tuberculosis? To nitpick some more, George Lucas never met a scene he didn’t think could use a few hundred spaceships whizzing around in the background. It made my eyeballs hurt trying to absorb all the crap flying around on the margins of the screen. Why was it such a revelation that Padme is going to have twins, don’t they have ultrasound machines in space? Padme just forgot to schedule an O.B. appointment? What gives? And why the hell didn’t Obi Wan finish off Anakin after he sliced off all his limbs a la Monty Python? Wasn’t his mission to kill Darth Vader? Kinda screwed the pooch on that one didn’t you Kenobi?

Okay, that’s all my bitching. I know, I know, it’s a Star Wars blockbuster movie, I can’t expect Jules et Jim here. It is packed full of special effects, the light sabers are flying through most of the movie and it is kind of fun to turn the old brain off for a couple hours and let the flickering lights wash over you. So I won’t bitch anymore.

2 thoughts on “Cork-Nut

  1. Jenny

    is jason goldberg still on guam? i’ve been trying to track him down since about ’99… (i was one of the “j” roommates in the apartment in tamuning down the street from the tower of london)

  2. Thomas

    I haven’t spoken to Jason in five years. As far as I know, he’s not on Guam anymore. I heard he moved to Saipan, but that was ages ago.

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