Daily Archives: 06/05/2005

The Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries

Keeping with the Culture War theme, here’s a list of the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries, as picked by a bevy of conservative scholars and policy leaders. I really love some of their choices; Silent Spring, On the Origin of Species, The Feminine Mystique, On Liberty, Coming of Age in Samoa, Unsafe at Any Speed, Das Kapital, The Kinsey Report. Not that they need worry, nobody reads anymore except the liberal cultural elite. Everyone else is too busy watching crap on the television.

On And Around The Island

  • Guam’s Cycads in danger – It’s about time there was something in the paper about this insect blight that is killing all the cycads in my neighborhood. Asian Cycad Scale is an insect infestation killing off the local indigenous cycads along with king sago palms, another species of cycad commonly used for decoration. It certainly has destroyed many of the plants in the neighborhood, including the ones in my yard.
  • Site for Guam Museum selected in Agana Heights – In a rapid move, the task force selected by Governor Camacho selected a plot of land between the Governor’s mansion and Fort Apugan. The commission also declared that construction of the facility will be completed in July 2007. And it will only take $25 million to create this museum. No mention on where that money will come from.
  • UOG brings out classical guitar quartet – the ads appeared in the paper this week. The UOG Endowment Fund is hosting a dinner and wine tasting at the Outrigger next week, featuring a performance by the San Francisco Guitar Quartet. One of the quartet is from Guam, and it promises to be an entertaining evening. I wish I could go, but $75 is a little too steep for me right now.

That’s all I can mention now. Taa taa.