Body Parts From Jet Hit a Long Island Home

Man, this is just so wrong. Body parts from a jet hit a Long Island home yesterday. A stowaway from Senegal hid in the wheel well of a South African airliner, and when the plane lowered its landing gear on approach to Kennedy International Airport, the man’s spine and one leg fell out and landed on a house. Cripes.

2 thoughts on “Body Parts From Jet Hit a Long Island Home

  1. CC

    Announcement to all potential aircraft stow-aways: There is very, very little room in the wheel well of an airplane for anything other than the landing gear and wheels, in case you had any doubts after seeing this story.

  2. Merm

    Talk about being desperate to get to the US. Imagine the pain and anguish that poor soul felt when he realized the mistake he’d made?

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