This Parking Lot Scam

A rash of arrests at the Guam International Airport occurred this week, as a scam by parking lot attendants came to light. So far seven parking lot employees have been arrested and charged with stealing $70,000 in parking lot fees over the last several years. Apparently these guys were just pocketing the parking lot fees and submitting fraudulent reports to their supervisors.

This comes after allegations of bid tampering and kickbacks earlier this year by another airport employee. While the woman no longer worked at the airport, she was in another GovGuam agency which decided not to terminate her employment. After all, can’t have thieves walking the streets unemployed can we?

And the beauty of this? Nothing’s changed. “So far, all of the employees arrested remain on the job assigned to other divisions at the Airport pending the findings of the police investigation.” Yes, Guam’s airport, proudly employing thieves to ensure your comfort and ease in travelling.