9 thoughts on ““Blogging ‘Round the Clock” for the Earthways Center

  1. Anonymous


    Here’s a MAX HAVOC: CURSE OF THE DRAGON bulletin board. Thomas I don’t appreciate your sarcasm when it comes to my film, you Island bumpkin.

    John Laing
    Rigel Entertainment

  2. Jimbo

    Laing, I KNOW Max Havoc, and you sir are no Max Havoc, nor can you hold the soft, satin jacket of Ray Gibson, you rube-kelaguen flavored con man. Tom just calls it like he sees it. So how much does he owe you for letting you comment here?

  3. Anonymous


    My film MAX HAVOC: CURSE OF THE DRAGON will be great for the citizens of Guam. It will be wonderful for everybody and be a very, very good film.

    People need to stop fussing about the fact that I’m holding your GVB spot hostage and the fact that nobody has even seen the MAX HAVOC film yet. Have faith, and at the same time, I’m wondering if you guys can lobby GEDCA for another 800,000k loan co-sign so I can bring my next masterpiece to Guam, MAX HAVOC: RING OF FIRE.

    Please spread the word! LET’S BRING HOLLYWOOD TO GUAM AGAIN!!!

    John Laing
    Rigel Entertainment

  4. MAX HAVOC fan site

    Visit my official site for all things MAX HAVOC (except for your 800,000 dollars.

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