Daily Archives: 06/18/2005

Neal Stephenson, Star Wars, Geek Culture

I hate to keep pushing the Star Wars buttons, but I came across a good article on Star Wars, geeks and vegging out by one of my favorite authors, Neal Stephenson. Basically his premise is that this new trilogy of prequels is pretty much incomprehensible because it consists of nothing but veg out action scenes, and all the geeky details are now canonized in copious volumes of alternative media; books, comics, video games and the internet have supplanted the need to actually explain anything in Episodes I through III.

Speaking of geeking out on Star Wars, try reading this revisionist history of the original Star Wars movie, based on information present in the prequel trilogy. It actually makes a great deal of sense.


Well, I’m obviously not using this website to the fullest of my abilities. I guess the big impediment is that Blogger stabilized their operations and it is running smoothly again at East of the Sun, West of the Moon. I’ll keep experimenting with this setup, but right now I only seem to be able to handle one weblog at a time. That’s a drag.

God’s Army

Via Kate’s post about the Christian right at Broken Windows, I read Chris Hedge’s disturbing article in the May issue of Harper’s Magazine, Soldiers of Christ II. It is a chilling look at the hate-filled agenda of the National Religious Broadcasters, the umbrella organization for those television evangelists. Hate directly especially at homosexuality, in a chilling parallel to fascist targeting of homosexuals as deviants in the 1930’s. What goes around, comes around.

Soldiers of Christ II invariably led me to Soldiers of Christ I, Harper’s look at one of the mega-churches in Colorado Springs. Tossed in among the description of the New Life Church is how founding Pastor Ted is interested in free markets, capitalism and the benefits of global consumption. Christians want to live life well, and not become exhausted by running soup kitchens and helping the poor. Christ wouldn’t want that now, would he? After all, helping the poor doesn’t have customer value.

Read both these articles, they will chill your soul.