2 thoughts on “Two Face

  1. Merm

    My daughter and I had an interesting conversation that ended up with her commenting about that kitten. She and I were getting ready for an outing, and as she looked in the mirror she said, “Wow, I’m so gorgeous. God really did good when he made me.” Now before you pass judgement on my daughter and think she’s one vain creature, she isn’t really. She said that her “mirror talk” had come about when her husband caught her saying to herself things like, “God, I look awful! I’m so fat!..etc., etc.” So good hubbie that he is he said, “You shouldn’t talk like that to yourself. You’re gorgeous.” So she changed her tune and began being nicer to herself in the mirror. Continuing our conversation today, I said to her, “Yes, you are gorgeous.” And she said, everyone is gorgeous. Of course, I thought to myself, “No, not everyone is.” But instead I said, “Even the cat with two faces?” And she said, “Yes, God said it was so cute, he had to give it two faces instead of one.”

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