Daily Archives: 06/25/2005

Mommy Dearest

Continuing with the photos from the camera phone, here’s my lovely mother smiling for the camera last month. It was a big to-do, celebrating her birthday and mother’s day in one gigantic party. The weather was perfect, almost everybody was there, and I know she had a great time seeing her children and grandchildren. She looked over at my dad during the party, with nearly three dozen boisterous people talking and laughing and said “We’re responsible for all this.” Yep, you sure are. Thanks.

It reminds me of a videotape she sent me ages ago. Our German cousins came to St. Louis for a visit with the American kinfolk and they made some videos of the party. It was a wild event, with children running wild screaming, laughing, piano playing, singing, joking, my brother juggling, and the highlight was my mother wearing a lampshade on her head! After about 20 minutes of this rowdy chaos, the video switched to a wedding of the German relations. It was a somber, orderly affair, pleasant but very reserved and organized. The difference between the two celebrations was shocking, but all in all, I would have preferred the wild party at my parent’s house. That was one for the ages.