Daily Archives: 06/28/2005

Supreme Court Forces Me To Use iTunes

Well, it’s been a wild week at the Supreme Court. First the gang of nine scuttled the concept of private property in favor of big money developers. Then came a whirlwind of decisions: In the Valerie Plame affair, the journalist found liable for contempt of court is not CNN’s right wing ideologue Robert Novack, but Judith Miller of the New York Times, who has never mentioned Valerie Plame in her articles. Curious – down the rabbit hole indeed.

And finally the SCOTUS (Scotus? Scrotus? Who comes up with these acronyms?) put the whammy on peer to peer file sharing, finding Grokster liable for copyright infringement and illegal downloading using their P2P software. That sucks. No more free music.

Luckily I made a major discovery today. Sitting at lunch with some other IT guys, I found out that iTunes is now working here on Guam. I don’t know when this wondrous thing happened, since I tried in February and March and was shut down from purchasing music online.

But no more. I rushed home tonight to test this out and before I knew it, I was $30 poorer. But I know have several albums;

This can be very dangerous. Instant music gratification. Oh boy.

Blast From The Past

Man, I used to use ZTerm all the time back when I had a screaming fast 9600 kps fax/modem. Hell, I used ZTerm with every modem I ever had, all the way up to my last modem, a Global Village 33.6 that I used until my jump to DSL in 2002. The real winning point with ZTerm was the fact that it was cheap, reliable, and offered the blazing fast Zmodem transfer protocol, a real godsend in the days of BBS’s and dial-up connections. It was a great program, a real classic, and it warms my heart to see it still available in this day and age.

Japanese Imperial Couple Visit Saipan

Imperial CoupleYesterday afternoon Emperor Akihito and his wife, the Empress Michiko, arrived on Saipan, in a visit to honor the island’s war dead. They will visit Banzai Cliff, where hundreds of Japanese soldiers and civilians jumped to their deaths rather than surrender, shouting “Banzai” – long life, for the Emperor’s father Hirohito.

This visit to mark the 60th anniversary of the war is the first time the imperial couple have gone outside Japan to visit a World War II battlefield. The visit has attracted international attention, especially as tensions are high in China and South Korea over Japan’s wartime history.

Nevertheless, this is a big event for Saipan, with hopes high that this will spur further tourism to the island.