Daily Archives: 07/08/2005

Traces Of Dispersion In Oceania

Via an anthropology weblog I follow: A paper tracking the genetic similarities between aboriginal Taiwanese and Oceanic populations. PLoS Biology: Traces of Archaic Mitochondrial Lineages Persist in Austronesian-Speaking Formosan Populations details research into mitochondrial DNA analysis (like what was done to discover ‘Eve’) and Y chromosome studies of the original Formosan inhabitants of Taiwan and various Pacific Ocean populations.

This marks as good a time as any to plug a simply amazing web site produced by National Geographic. The Genographic Project is chock full of data, features a rich interface, and is probably the coolest site I’ve seen all year. I could waste hours exploring all the material that is available, tracing lineages, following the great diaspora of humanity across the globe. Definitely check it out.