Daily Archives: 07/09/2005


Destroyed No. 30 Tavistock BusI was going to comment on the London bombings, but what can I say that hasn’t already been said? Terrorism is horrific violence for the sake of inciting fear, and I must regrettably admit that is working exactly as planned. Britain and the U.S. will sink further into the morass in Iraq and Afghanistan; fueled by fear and vengeance, another situation like Abu Ghraib will surface, and the whole cycle of violence will repeat again. The rota Fortunae goes around and around.

I will give thanks that a good friend narrowly missed the bombing in Liverpool Street station by 20 minutes. Once again you cheat death Tibbetts.

Thinking about bombings brings to mind another bombing. Twenty years ago, on July 10th, 1985, under the cover of darkness a team of French commandos snuck up to the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior. The ship was anchored in New Zealand’s Auckland harbor, preparing to join a flotilla of vessels headed for the island of Moruroa to protest French nuclear tests in the atoll.

Rainbow Warrior, sunk at Marsden Wharf, New ZealandShortly before midnight, the French agents torpedoed the ship with two mines. The explosion and sinking of the ship killed one Greenpeace crew member. France denied responsibility for several months, despite the arrest of several French intelligence agents in the hours following the bombing. Eventually France admitted to the actions, and paid $8 million to Greenpeace. The two French agents convicted in the bombings served only two years of their 10 year sentence, and both returned to active service, with honors, after their military terms.

Bomb damage to Rainbow WarriorWhat does this have to do with London? I guess it’s all a point of perspective. We can call the bombers in London barbaric terrorists, but people somewhere consider them heroic soldiers, striking a blow against a corrupt Western regime. We can say the French were terrorists in New Zealand, but back home they were decorated for their actions and received promotions. It’s a gray world out there, despite the best efforts of President Bush to enforce a Manichaean dichotomy of good versus evil.