Daily Archives: 07/30/2005

Phone’s Out But I’m Still Online

So my phone is completely out now. GTA is hopefully coming next week to dig up the yard, break up the driveway, and install a new line from the pedestal to the house. Joy. So it will be nothing but cell phone service for a few days if anybody wants to reach me. The number is (671) 678-7469 folks.

Thankfully I still have internet, thanks to the miracle of Dianne’s cable modem and bridging my Airport Express with her Airport Extreme Base Station. It was so damn easy. Thanks again Apple.


Wow! For the first time ever, I got my quarterly announcement from Amazon about my referral associate account (the link to all the books I mention here) and there was actually some money in it! Not enough to mention, but somebody out there bought a book from me. Holy smokes, I never thought that would happen.