Evan Montvel-Cohen In The News Again

So I just heard about this swirl around the blogosphere about Evan Cohen bilking a children’s charity for hundreds of thousands of dollar during his tenure at Air America radio. Most of the chatter surrounding this story is coming from the right wing weblogs, crowing about the imminent demise of liberal talk radio and how those crazy bleeding heart liberals were taking money from needy children and the elderly to pay for Al Franken’s high falutin’ lifestyle.

Seems Evan Montvel Cohen loaned himself and Air America more than $800,000 from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, where he served as development director of the charity. Cohen personally received a $400,000 wire transfer without the knowledge or authorization of the community center’s executive director. The city of New York suspended contracts and grants to the non-profit in June because of ‘inappropriate transactions and falsified documents’ submitted to city agencies.

Those on the right can blame the radio network all they want, but this isn’t something to be laid on the doorstep of Air America. This is a classic Evan Montvel Cohen scam. I especially like the bit about how he told the charity he needed the money to pay for his chemotherapy and medical treatment for his ill father. Uh, I know for a fact Evan’s father is deceased, and I think most people on Guam have their doubts about his cancer and miraculous recovery once he burned his bridges and left the island. He just went from scamming people on Guam to scamming people in New York City.

3 thoughts on “Evan Montvel-Cohen In The News Again

  1. Anonymous

    yup, that’s the modus operandi…never thought the “my dad is ill” story would get used….because from my personal and secondary understanding, Monty Montel-Cohen was a fine and distinguished gentleman and scholar (and husband and father and artist) with several exceptional children, and it’s a shame that one of them would want to use his good name in such a dishonest way….i do hope this story is not true. i remain in silence at this time.


  2. Anonymous

    hey evan, if you’re reading this, please don’t forget to raise some funds toward the $30,000 US debt you owe to your (previously) good friend, Mr. Kent Rooney. now, that loan was co-erced out of Kent (through friendship values) back in 2000. because Kent is a good guy, i’m pretty sure you won’t have to worry about interest. 30k is chump change for a CEO-type like yourself. i can help you get in touch with Kent. just email me at tiblish@yahoo.com and i’ll pass on his details for you.

    regards from da pacific,

  3. Thomas

    Well, as a caveat, I should mention that we were discussing Evan at lunch today, and it came out that the story I related was a tad distorted. It wasn’t Evan’s father that was ill, it was his father-in-law that was sick and went to New York for treatment.

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