Daily Archives: 08/10/2005

Gas Hits Another High

Gasoline hit $2.779 a gallon yesterday around the island. Scuttlebutt is the price will hit $3 per gallon before the end of the year. Mobil is having a hard time securing gas for the islands from Singapore, which is our usual source.

I’m planning on making September a mass transit month, securing a month pass and riding the bus to the office and back. If it isn’t too difficult, I might be riding the long bus on a permanent basis.

Evan Frenzy

So the New York Sun is beating the Evan Montvel-Cohen story into the ground like a tenacious pit bull. And since Evan is nowhere to be found, they are sinking their teeth into the most available target, Air America and Al Franken. And of course the right wing blog maniacs are just loving this chance to smear the liberal radio network. I’m sorry, but knowing Evan I can’t really fault Air America for this fiasco. Just take this passage from the New York Sun article on Al Franken speaking about the Gloria Wise mess.

Mr. Franken said his most “charitable” interpretation of the Gloria Wise transfers to Air America was that Mr. Cohen had a “dream and tried to keep it going.”

Members of the Gloria Wise executive committee described to the Sun transfers from the club to Mr. Cohen and to Air America that totaled $875,000. They said Sunday that one reason Mr. Cohen cited when asking for personal loans was that he needed money for chemotherapy because he suffered from brain cancer.

Mr. Franken said he did not know whether his former colleague had the disease, but he recalled that Mr. Cohen, a native of Guam who is 39, referred repeatedly to it. For example, Mr. Franken said, he’d complain to Mr. Cohen that studio equipment wasn’t working, “and he’d say, ‘You know, I have brain cancer.'”

“Brain cancer,” Mr. Franken said, “seemed to be his answer to everything.”