Daily Archives: 08/12/2005

Evan Spotted

I’m no fan of Michelle Malkin, but I will hand it to her for scaring up the whereabouts of Evan Montvel Cohen. At the bottom of this long post on the Air America scandal she relates the tale of an email she received from a reader of hers.

Then there’s this intriguing e-mail I received last night concerning the whereabouts of the elusive former AAR/Gloria Wise official, Evan Montvel Cohen. Spread the word far and wide:

Thought you should know that Evan Cohen, believe it or not, has relocated to Hawaii and had been applying for Development Director positions at local nonprofits. I was involved as a part of an interview team in which we interviewed him a couple of months ago…
…Fortunately, we did some research on him…and eliminated him from the process. I am fearful that some unsuspecting nonprofit could hire him, so have been trying to get the word out to folks. Chances are, he has already moved out of the state. If not, hopefully, your article will help!

More to come. Stay tuned…So now we know where he’s gone to ground, back in the islands, working the same schemes on a new crowd. Welcome back Evan!