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Three Hurt As Northwest Plane Evacuated On Guam

Boy, I leave the island for a week and all hell breaks loose.

Northwest Flight 74 collapsed on Guam's runway
Three Hurt As Northwest Plane Evacuated

Looks like the flight from Tokyo came to a jolting conclusion after the front landing gear collapsed on Northwest Airlines flight 74 during landing.

LSG Sky Chefs employee Joel Sablan was on the runway waiting for a Japan Airlines flight to land when he witnessed something he’s never seen before. The Northwest Boeing 747 came to a screeching halt. “As it was landing down, I was driving here what happened when it was landing down it looked like the tire came off and the chassis was scraping the ground and I saw little flames and that was it,” he recalled.

Sablan says it looked like the front tires of the aircraft fell off, causing the aircraft’s nose gear to slam into the runway. “Yeah, I was freaking out,” he said, adding, “It was rubbing; already hitting the ground, scraping and I saw some sparks.”

There were no fatalities in the mishap, but three people were taken to the Naval Hospital with injuries. The airport was closed for awhile, and even though it is open this evening, the stricken plane remains on the runway.