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The BlueskyMod Cabin

So I stumbled on some interesting links this week, all about prefab buildings, and the current popularity of modernist designs. I have to admit, I am a sucker for modern architecture. And these prefabs are not your average trailer park material. The are designed by prominent architects, and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The picture above is a prefab cabin marketed by BlueskyMod. Here’s a longer story about the company and its plans for prefab housing.

For the truly adventurous, I also dug up a variety of sites offering plans and prefab kits for geodesic dome homes, including this one from American Ingenuity that offers concrete geodesics. Very interesting, and not nearly as crazy as I used to think. And they look so damn cool…

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  1. Thomas Post author

    Dug up some more sites associated with the prefab home industry. Since most of this stuff in North America seems to be coming from Canada, how about Canadian Wooden Domes, a Canadian firm that builds some whimsical looking domes. I’ve been to MoCo Loco before, and it bears mentioning, but the real prize is Prefabs.com, another one stop shop for all prefab news.

    And despite the claims of affordability, these concoctions all look to be pricey designer vacation homes for the super rich, not the cost efficient hope for affordable housing that they advertise for themselves.

    Still, they look so damn cool…

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