Daily Archives: 09/27/2005

The Day Of The Dolphin?

Well, this is a weird little piece of news: Seems a cadre of commando dolphins, trained by the Navy for counter-terrorist activities, were set loose by hurricane Katrina. And they might be packing dart guns, designed to stun divers attempting to sabotage ships. Great, now we’re arming cetaceans and teaching them to attack people in the water.

Didn’t I see a movie about this once? And didn’t that end badly?

Crossing The Rubicon

Mac OS XMade the jump from Mac OS 9.1 to OS X on my Beige Power Mac G3 last night. It was fairly smooth, but it took a little longer than I expected. First hangup was discovering that OS X wouldn’t install on the G3 unless the first partition on the IDE drive was less than 8 gigabytes. After a repartition of the hard drive (so long data, it’s been swell), I got OS X 10.1 to install with no problem, just took a couple hours. The performance is certainly acceptable, I would describe it as ‘stately’ – certainly acceptable for a machine I bought in 1998.

I left it running the Jaguar upgrade this morning, so hopefully I will have Mac OS X 10.2 when I get home this evening. I was a little disappointed to discover that Panther is not supported on the Beige G3, but I think Jaguar will be acceptable for my modest needs. I got the latest copies of Mozilla and Firefox pulled down this morning, so adios Internet Explorer.

Supposedly Patchburn will allow the G3 to burn CD’s under Jaguar, and XPostFacto is a hack to allow the G3 to run Panther, but I am a little hesitant to go plugging hacks onto the machine. I think Jaguar will work fine on the G3, since I don’t really need to be bleeding edge with that box. I’ve got other Macs that take up the slack. I just wanted to get something a bit more modern running on the G3.