Crossing The Rubicon

Mac OS XMade the jump from Mac OS 9.1 to OS X on my Beige Power Mac G3 last night. It was fairly smooth, but it took a little longer than I expected. First hangup was discovering that OS X wouldn’t install on the G3 unless the first partition on the IDE drive was less than 8 gigabytes. After a repartition of the hard drive (so long data, it’s been swell), I got OS X 10.1 to install with no problem, just took a couple hours. The performance is certainly acceptable, I would describe it as ‘stately’ – certainly acceptable for a machine I bought in 1998.

I left it running the Jaguar upgrade this morning, so hopefully I will have Mac OS X 10.2 when I get home this evening. I was a little disappointed to discover that Panther is not supported on the Beige G3, but I think Jaguar will be acceptable for my modest needs. I got the latest copies of Mozilla and Firefox pulled down this morning, so adios Internet Explorer.

Supposedly Patchburn will allow the G3 to burn CD’s under Jaguar, and XPostFacto is a hack to allow the G3 to run Panther, but I am a little hesitant to go plugging hacks onto the machine. I think Jaguar will work fine on the G3, since I don’t really need to be bleeding edge with that box. I’ve got other Macs that take up the slack. I just wanted to get something a bit more modern running on the G3.

2 thoughts on “Crossing The Rubicon

  1. Anonymous

    Wow. I had to do a double-take on this. Why don’t you take the plunge and buy Tiger?

  2. Thomas

    Actually I have Tiger, it is running quite nicely on my other two Macintoshes. But this old G3 is something of a pet geek project, something to fill in the hours now that I don’t go out drinking anymore.

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