Daily Archives: 09/28/2005

Nike Sucks Ass

I threw away a pair of sneakers tonight. My trusty old Reeboks, which have served me well for these past four years, finally fell apart during tonight’s walk. The outer sole peeled away from the soft midsole, which in turn detached from the upper. They’ve been falling apart for almost a year now, ever since that DMX cushion crap in the midsole popped and the shoes started squeaking like a doggie toy with every step I took. They weren’t particularly snazzy shoes, sort of dark green and gray with orange piping, but they were damn comfy. And they took a beating for years. Adios, mis zapatos fieles.

Which brings me to those crap ass Nikes. I will never purchase a pair of Nikes again. Walking home wih my shoes flapping about wildly, I got to thinking about how many pairs of shoes have failed me, and they were nearly all Nikes. It started with several pairs of football cleats, which invariably blew apart towards the end of a single season. I originally put these failures down to the stress of daily football practice during rainy season on Guam, but now I am not so sure. I’ve had pair after pair of Nikes fall apart on me; hell, I got two busted pairs in my closet right now. Boots, running shoes, cross trainers, a couple pairs of sandals, those cleats I mentioned, hiking shoes and water slippers, they’ve all fallen apart on me during crucial moments. I can honestly recall Nike footwear crumbling away during four seperate hikes down to Tarzan Falls.

I understand shoes fall apart, my problem with Nike is that their shoes fall apart without any warning, during the worst possible times. Those Reeboks gradually failed over the course of months. When I put them on tonight I thought it might be the last time I would ever wear them, and I was right. Without fail, every pair of Nikes that disintegrated under my footsteps did so without any warning signs. Right when I get to the furthest point in a hike, the Nikes inevitably fail, leaving me to walk back to my car barefoot. That’s why I’ll never buy another pair of Nikes. Time to try another brand, maybe some more Reeboks, New Balance or Adidas. But not Nikes.

All Systems Go!

Well, it took a couples days of downloading updates, new versions and patches, but I am typing this from my venerable beige PowerMac G3, running Mac OS X 10.2.8 Jaguar. And it is good. Very good. Frankly I am surprised. I always heard stories about how OS X was dog slow on G3 computers, but it seems perfectly acceptable to me. I’ve got over five applications running right now, Firefox, Nvu, Mariner Write and Mariner Calc, Sherlock (remember Sherlock? Apple doesn’t) and two terminal windows open, one running Folding@Home and the other Python. And things are running just fine. Now slowdowns, no problems redrawing the screen, nothing. Not bad for a 300 MHz, seven year old computer.

Obsolete indeed – I’d like to see an old Pentium II run XP adequately, along with a heavy load of applications. Hell, I got an old Pentium II sitting in my hallway, gathering dust. It was running BeOS Release 5 last year, until it gave up the ghost and refused to be resurrected after a power outage. And while it ran BeOS adequately, it was nowhere near as responsive as this G3 is under Jaguar.

Okay, enough geek love for tonight. I need to go take a walk and get some fresh air. Just thought I would share. Now it’s off into the night.
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Gasoline Tops $3 A Gallon

Well, it happened overnight. Shell raised the price for a gallon of gasoline to $3.03 last night. I doubt it will ever retreat to something reasonable again.

This new high has prompted a personal experiment for the month of October. Taking a nod from Thirty Days, I will explore alternative methods of transportation for one month. Mostly that means I’m gonna buy a month pass for the bus and see how it goes. Guam Mass Transit has it’s problems, but I’m willing to try it for a month and see what happens.

Hell, if I keep losing weight, I might just start biking into work again. That would be excellent, but I doubt I can pull that one off just yet.

Found Around The Internets

Found a couple interesting links floating around out there:

  • Tolkien and Lewis scrapped over religion – The two authors were great friends and colleagues at Oxford, but a new documentary reveals that the two fought repeatedly about religion and argued about the merits of their respective work.
  • Tom Robbins bitches about the 60’s – A short essay by 60’s author Tom Robbins in Hightimes. Yeah, Hightimes. Dude! What was I saying? Oh man, I totally lost it. Dude, where’s the Cheez-Its?
  • Pablo Neruda’s Nobel lecture from 1971 – Okay, let’s get serious for moment. This is a fascinating lecture on creativity and the role of the poet. Neruda received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971, he takes this quote from Rimbaud as the essence of his speech: “In the dawn, armed with a burning patience, we shall enter the splendid Cities.”
  • SF Chronicle report on Pat Tillman’s death – The article paints a complex portrait of the former NFL star and his tragic death by friendly fire in Afghanistan. He was certainly more than a gung-ho patriot jock, and his memory shames the chicken hawks running this country.