Found Around The Internets

Found a couple interesting links floating around out there:

  • Tolkien and Lewis scrapped over religion – The two authors were great friends and colleagues at Oxford, but a new documentary reveals that the two fought repeatedly about religion and argued about the merits of their respective work.
  • Tom Robbins bitches about the 60’s – A short essay by 60’s author Tom Robbins in Hightimes. Yeah, Hightimes. Dude! What was I saying? Oh man, I totally lost it. Dude, where’s the Cheez-Its?
  • Pablo Neruda’s Nobel lecture from 1971 – Okay, let’s get serious for moment. This is a fascinating lecture on creativity and the role of the poet. Neruda received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971, he takes this quote from Rimbaud as the essence of his speech: “In the dawn, armed with a burning patience, we shall enter the splendid Cities.”
  • SF Chronicle report on Pat Tillman’s death – The article paints a complex portrait of the former NFL star and his tragic death by friendly fire in Afghanistan. He was certainly more than a gung-ho patriot jock, and his memory shames the chicken hawks running this country.