Daily Archives: 10/01/2005

For The Love of HyperCard

One of the goodies I’ve reinstalled on the venerable G3 my all time favorite piece of interactive software, Brian Thomas’ wonderful If Monks Had Macs… It wasn’t really working too well under Panther or Tiger on my G5, so it sort slipped out of my mind for awhile. But it runs beautifully under Jaguar on that creaky old G3.

I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to this interview with Brian Thomas before, but allow me to repeat myself. It is certainly worth reading (again) if anybody is interested in the story behind Mr. Thomas and his sublime piece of software.

While perusing the riverText site, I came across a link for another interesting web essay on interactive media, When Multimedia Was Black & White, particularly black and white HyperCard stacks from the late 80’s and early 90’s. I used HyperCard extensively myself, pulling together stacks that did all sorts of things. I made several stacks for data collection or to perform analysis (I was too poor for even a student copy of SPSS or Systat) and a very nice stack to handle bibliographies for my college and graduate school work. I always thought it a shame that Apple let HyperCard wither and die. Sure it was slow and the consumate memory hog, but computers were so anemic back then. I am sure it would just fly on today’s computers.

Anyway, I digress… While I’m on the retro kick, let me point out a couple other little goodies. Like the text adventure Dunnet, which is built into emacs, which is available on Mac OS X. Just fire up your terminal and launch emacs… ((shudder))

For those not willing to suffer emacs, try downloading this nice port of the original interactive text adventure game, Adventure.