Daily Archives: 10/02/2005

A New Path To The Waterfall

Tarzan Falls, October 2, 2005

Looking For Work
I have always wanted brook trout
for breakfast.

Suddenly, I find a new path
to the waterfall.

I begin to hurry.
Wake up,

my wife says,
you’re dreaming.

But when I try to rise,
the house tilts.

Who’s dreaming?
It’s noon, she says.

My new shoes wait by the door,

–Raymond Carver

Hiked down to Tarzan Falls today. With all the recent rain, I thought the waterfall might be unusually active. It was a little muddy heading to the base of the falls, but it was worth it. A torrent of water rushed down the cliff, covering me in a fine, cooling mist at the bottom of the falls.