Art & Science Link-A-Palooza

Got a lot of cool links to mention in a short span of time, so let’s jump right into it!

  • The First Biplanes Were Dinosaurs – Here’s a neat little dino-fact. Looks like the first flying dinosaurs actually had two sets of wings that they used to glide from tree to tree. Take that Wright Brothers.
  • iBiblio’s Web Museum – A wonderful time waster for the art lover. Lots to look at and enjoy.
  • Hans Memling’s Faces – Slate gets into the art links with this nice essay and series of images.
  • More Hobbits, Again – After yesterday’s mention of homo floresiensis, how about some more stuff about the micro-man of Flores and his tiny brain? One thing’s for sure, these paleoanthropologists are a fractious bunch.
  • Andromeda in Infrared – The Spitzer Infrared Telescope took these incredibly detailed images of the Andromeda galaxy in infrared, revealing a ring of star formation throughout our neighboring galaxy.
  • Star Formation in the Center of the Milky Way – From Andromeda to our own galaxy… The Chandra X-Ray Observatory has recorded evidence of star formation in our own galaxy, in a most unlikely location. Chandra imaged hot, young stars impossibly close to the center of the Milky Way, home to a voracious super-massive black hole. Apparently the black hole can create as well as destroy.
  • Robot to Explore Pyramid of Cheops – A robot constructed by the University of Singapore is set to explore the Great Pyramid at Giza. The robot is designed to ascend through narrow ventilation shafts ascending from a chamber deep inside the ancient pyramid. Earlier attempts to plumb the depths of these shafts ended at closed stone doors. This new robot is equipped with a drill to pierce through the doors and explore for possible chambers beyond.