The Dude Abides

The DudeExcellent, most excellent. Turns out the Coen Brothers based The Big Lebowski on a real ‘Dude’ who they met in the early 80’s. Jeff Dowd goes by the moniker ‘the Dude’ and served as the model for Jeff Bridges’ character in the 1998 movie.

His Dudeness is a film producer known for his laid back lifestyle and boisterous charm. Damn, I feel like spending the afternoon bowling and drinking Caucasians now. Seeing as I am a veritable Dude myself, this sounds like a damn good idea.

Whatever happens, the Dude abides man, the Dude abides.

1 thought on “The Dude Abides

  1. Jimbo

    Yeah, The actual Dude shows up every once and a while at the Lebowski-fests, does a bit of talking before the screening of the film, and someone inevitably shouts, “Donnie, are you listening to what The Dude is saying?”

    I think that quiz makes everyone The Dude, including myself, who more than occasionally displays definite Walterism.

    Yet, as I attempted to post this comment before, I must have only previewed it and let it slip off into the ether. Here is my second attempt. Quite Dudelike. Excuse me but I must go do a J and listen to Whale Songs on my walkman.

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