Gimme That Old Time Religion

Came across a slew of religion related article this past weekend. Let’s take a look:

  • First I found this interesting story from the Times on how religion is not directly correlated with social/moral lifestyles. Comparing the United States against more secular European and Asian societies, America came out far below these godless, immoral countries in their rates of teenage pregnancy, violent crimes, abortion, and suicide. You’re damned if you do, I guess.
  • From the damned if you don’t corner, comes this New York Times article on American religion’s fascination with the apocalypse, a fixation long associated with Christianity. It’s become so popular nowadays even non-evangelical churches are adopting the rhetoric and symbolism of the end times. As the article says, announcing a sermon on the sign outside that says ‘Our Obligation to the Poor’ can’t hold a candle to ‘The Internet and the Antichrist.’