Daily Archives: 10/20/2005

Maps Upon Maps – A Sense of Place

I love looking at maps. Especially interesting maps that breakdown interesting political/social trends. Remember last years red state/blue state maps? I’m talking about stuff like that.

And here’s a few more that I really like:

  • The Common Census Project is putting together a map of the United States showing the areas of influence for major cities.
  • The Common Census Sports Map Project – Same idea as above, only for major sports teams instead of cities. This is a little more interesting, especially the broad appeal of the Chicago Cubs across the nation, and what can only be described as the Favre Factor; the Green Bay Packers strong showing in Mississippi and Alabama.
  • Pop Vs. Soda – I went to college in Wisconsin, and one thing I noticed right away was how people drank pop instead of soda. This map breaks out pop vs. soda usage by county across the US.