Spam, The Gift Of Kings

SPAM©, the king of tinned meats
I meant to mention this a couple days ago, when the story ran in the PDN. Seems Guam is not alone in its adoration of the gelatinous, pink, canned meat. Spam is a popular item in South Korea, in fact 40% of the canned meat is given as gifts. Can’t say I’m really surprised, especially after reading that they use it like we do here on Guam, tossed in with fried rice or in soups. Most Spam gets consumed that way here on Guam too, I reckon. But what gets me is the cachet associated with the giggly meat.

“Spam really is a luxury item,” said Han Geun Rae, 43, a fashion buyer, as she loaded gift boxes of Spam into her cart at a department store before the recent Chusok holiday.

An estimated 8 million cans of Spam change hands on Chusok, the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving.

Han was buying Spam for her employees, and expected to get some herself during the Chusok season, the country’s biggest gift-giving occasion of the year.

Now this has me thinking about paying a visit to Seoul with about 20 cases of Spam tucked into my luggage. If it sells as a luxury item, I suspect I could make a killing, especially pushing that Tabasco Spam we sell here on the island. I know that goes good with kim chee, I eat that myself sometimes.

Perhaps it is best to remember:

SPAM is not a gift.
When you eat, just remember:
It’s only a loan.
–Martin Booda, from the SPAM-ku Archive