Lost Prologue To 2001: A Space Odyssey

MonolithWell here’s an interesting tidbit: Stanley Kubrick’s assistant Anthony Frewin is set to publish a series of 21 interviews with astronomers, anthropologists, computer scientists and biologists that was intended for a prologue to Kubrick’s 1968 classic; 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The interviews were filmed as a prologue for the mind bending movie, and follow the musings of almost two dozen scientific minds when asked to predict the future, humanity’s destiny in space, and the possibility of intelligent life in the universe. Among those queried by Kubrick were Isaac Asimov, Margaret Mead, Fred Whipple, Freeman Dyson and Sir Bernard Lovell.

Unfortunately during editing, it became apparent the movie was too long and the entire prologue was cut from the final film. The footage itself is lost, but Kubrick kept typed transcripts of the interviews, which form the basis of Are We Alone? The Stanley Kubrick Extraterrestrial Intelligence Interviews, being published in the United Kingdom on November 8th. Sounds very intriguing, I’d love to give that book a read when I get a chance.

Oh, in case anybody’s wondering just what the hell 2001 is all about, here’s a pretty good analysis of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, which goes a long way towards interpreting the film for those that are confused.