The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam

The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam: This made me laugh, mostly because I remember a time in my life when I spent far too many hours crafting the framework of a fantasy world that I spun intricate tales of high fantasy around. And it was all hackneyed crap, that hits dozens of these no-no’s on the exam. But hey, I was a pimply 13 year old at the time.

As an added bonus, the exam contains an interesting link to this essay about the weight of medieval and renaissance swords. Contrary to what is commonly portrayed in movies and popular culture, these historical swords were actually light and nimble killing machines, with many weighing around 3 to 4 pounds. A far cry from the massive cudgels of pig iron with sharp sides that folks today seem to think they were. Hell, the iBook I’m writing this on right now weighs 5.9 pounds.

Well, I’m off to hit the movie theater after a Saturday at the office. More on that when I get home tonight…