Daily Archives: 11/01/2005

Links O’ Interest

Here’s a pile of interesting links that I lack the time to talk about more.

  • NPR : Podcast Directory – Get bit by that podcast bug and listen to NPR broadcast as a podcast.
  • My Bionic Quest for Boléro – All about cochlear implants and the search for musical reproduction. Audio upgrades and bionic ears. Cool.
  • The Mystery of the Green Menace – Ah, absinthe, the Green Fairy. Nothing like 140 proof alcohol with the effects of marijuana. Looks like it might be making a comeback after 90+ years of worldwide bans.
  • Scooter’s Sex Shocker – What is it with neo-cons and these bad novels filled with kinky sex?
  • Weird Science – Are we descended from clay? Exploring the origins of life.
  • Journey of Hope – A little known community of European Jews that fled Nazi Germany and Austria for… Shanghai?

That’s it. Still incredibly busy. Looks like a late night at the office for me. Now it’s back to work.

Mail Account Switchover

FYI: If you try to contact me with either of these old email addresses:

  • tstroh@netpci.com
  • beast@kuentos.guam.net

They no longer work. If you need to email me, use the address at the bottom of this page – or my yahoo address if I have shared it with you.