Daily Archives: 11/03/2005

Thoughts On A Thursday Morning

It was easy to tell Monday was the beginning of the month. As I set off on my evening walk that night, I passed in front of the local game room at the corner. These are little corner shops, open 24 hours, that specialize in taking money from the desperate and the gullible. Thanks goodness casino gambling is against the law on Guam, and only these wholesome game rooms exist, wonderful places were people funnel quarters into Liberty games for hours on end, for enjoyment only of course.

Anyway, as I passed in front of this place a guy stopped me and asked for some money so he could play the games. Of course he took pains to point out he wasn’t asking for a handout; he had food stamps he could pay me with. Yep, wholesome family entertainment. Thanks goodness the church is dead set against gambling, except for their bingo racket and these family oriented game rooms. Oh, and the dog track. And the cock fights. And the poker and games of chance at fiestas and the Liberation Carnival. I can see the evils of casino though, after all that would’ve been properly taxed and only put in tourist hotels.

So after relieving this guy of the food stamps he needed to feed his family with, so he could spend all his money on games that happened to pay out cash prizes but conveniently aren’t called gambling, because gambling’s a sin according to the Catholic Church on Guam, I continued on my walk. Well not really – I didn’t take his food stamps and I didn’t have any money on me. But I continued my walk.

And it was a momentous walk too. For the first time some jackass passing me in a car hocked a lugie on me – or maybe this was just the first time somebody actually hit me. I could hear them laughing as the car sped away, leaving my arm and the side of my face dripping with red betel stains. Lovely. Just fucking lovely.

Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks.

hormone levels predict attractiveness of women

Now here’s an odd story, from the New Scientist: Hormone levels predict attractiveness of women. Subjects were photographed and submitted urine samples during the course of a month to measure attractiveness and hormone levels. Women were judged more attractive and healthier when estrogen levels were highest.

Check out these computerized composites of ten women with the highest levels of estrogen compared to the composite of the ten women with the lowest levels of estrogen.

Computerized Composites