Daily Archives: 11/06/2005

I’m Four Years Ahead Of The Curve

Wow, I’m on the bleeding edge for once. The BBC reports that internet phone calls are on the rise, and that by 2009 over one third of people in the US and Europe will abandon traditional phone lines for wireless and broadband telephony.

I ditched my telephone at the end of September, after months of turmoil and abysmal service from the phone company on Guam. I abandoned the land line and went with my prepaid phone from IT&E wireless. I don’t do much talking on the phone, so I am able to survive quite nicely on a single $10 prepaid wireless card.

For long distance, Skype has become my de facto standard for worldwide communications. I can talk to people around the world for free as long as the connection is PC to PC – and I can make calls to my parent’s home phone line at ridiculously low rates. I feel like a sucker, having paid about $30 a month for the horrible service and crackling line quality I got from GTA.